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hello hello hello God’s peace I am so glad that I can leave this message I apologize because I am unable to type but I can use my Google microphone please don’t judge me or be harsh to me I want to give you this message my name is John McConnell joemc Connell Joe j o e Joe McConnell my email address is Joel McConnell 1103 at you are a wonderful wonderful person a gift to the universe I consider it an honor to say hello to you please forgive me for being so impolite as to dictate a message to you I want you to look in the mirror tonight and tell yourself I am loves I’m valued I am a gift to the world I am a free love and giving people pour some God bless you I don’t know who you are or anything about you but I admire you and I think you’re absolutely positively a fantastic person God bless you by not take care get a hold of me John McLaughlin on 1103 at 8 O or Joe McConnell 1103 at

wow wow wow I got my Google microphone up I apologize I’m not sure exactly how to use it please please please please please please forgive me I am not trying to be offensive at all I just wanted to say hello and I think you are a beautiful beautiful beautiful person may God bless you and take care of you the lord loves you and he’s very proud of you my name is Joe McConnell joemc Connell Joe McConnell 1103 at or at came sorry a a a o l dot-com take care God bless you you are beautiful have a wonderful night you are a gift to the World by now

wow you look beautiful. I’m so glad that you are posted online so we can appreciate you. I have to say though I am not a typical guy guy. I have six sisters and I respect them. I respect all women. I am not here to take advantage of you or any other woman. Sorry guys that may sound old-fashioned but that’s the way it is. Oh yes you may have guessed I am a Christian. sorry again guys and gals Christians are not weird different unusual in balance or any way out of the ordinary we’re just people who follow the lord. So the question is what are we doing on the internet looking at women wearing bikinis while I am a sinner a very very bad Center I am a weak Christian and I like to look at women. so there’s my confession I am good I’m well one side and not good on the other that’s the way I am. Jesus thousands accept us as we are I want you all to realize that that Jesus called sinners sinners sinners. so there you have it me being honest. It’s a crazy world. maybe someday I won’t get online and look at women wearing bikinis. I’m trying my best to do that right now. I take one day at a time. For anyone who’s interested in the Lord he’s there for you whether you’re a man woman regardless of your sexual orientation color doeskin economic class background or anything else the Cheese’s is there to love you. Maybe somebody will read this. Hopefully someone will and be inspired by this short message. take one day at a time promise me one thing that each and every day you will reach out to someone less fortunate than you and give them something material spiritual physical or emotional give them a gift share yourself something with someone in need. Jesus bless you my name is John McConnell. Joe Joe McConnell McConnell. makes today the best day of your whole life be happy love somebody too good by now.

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