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you are a gorgeous gorgeous young woman. I hope you appreciate your beauty now. Someday down the road you will not look as young as beautiful on the outside. Your beauty will always be with you regardless of what your body looks like. thank you for showing yourself off online. You are a real doll a sweetheart beautiful gorgeous luxurious. voluptuous voluptuous voluptuous. sweetheart I do hope you are able to read the Sprint because I want to tell you something. you are beautiful yes beautiful beautiful Capital beautiful and gorgeous. I have I have a 26 year old daughter her name is Kirsten she is living in Florida in the United States of America. Christian is a registered nurse she is single. She does not date very much because she is focused on her career. I do have a point here he’s me for rambling. I want to tell you this before I am my conversation. Also as you can tell I am dictating because I cannot type this fast. My point here sweetheart is that I am a Christian man I am a lot older than you. I have had many many life experiences mostly in Social Services. I have a graduate degree and another degree in social work. I want you to know that Jesus Christ loves you very very much. There is nothing unusual or weird or strange about talking to Jesus you don’t have to join the church to know the Lord. Okay enough said I just wanted to share that with you to put a kernel of thought into your head. I’ll let you go on with your day and stay as you celebrate the beauty that you are especially physically know that you have a spiritual body as well which is eternal. Think about what I’m saying my name is Joe Joe McConnell and the C capital c o n n e l l. I live in Minnesota in the United States of America. I do hope you’re getting this message. If there’s any way you can respond do so if not my words are not wasted because I am sharing them from the depths of my heart. do me a favor to number one look in the mirror tonight and say I am the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world. Then say I have been forgiven for my sins. Then say tomorrow I will help someone that is less fortunate than me. Then say tomorrow I will try something new to improve myself. That’s it it’s a simple take care of gorgeous lovely sexual attractive woman take care good night God bless you Jesus loves you a man can I find out o by the way. Here’s a big hug here’s a big huge kiss and here’s a big huge hug for you I know you could use one right now. Joe Joe

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